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Dental Implants are one of the best ways to replace a missing tooth.  A complete Implant restoration includes three pieces; the implant, the abutment (which connects the implant to the crown), and the crown, which replaces your missing tooth. We are glad to provide a FREE consult (with you bringing in appropriate X-rays) to determine if you are a candidate for implants.  Give us a call and tell our receptionist you saw the offer for a FREE DENTAL IMPLANT CONSULTATION on our website.

We will only recommend IMPLANTS when we feel they are necessary. We will give you your options, our recommendations, and then together decide which is best for your particular situation. There are often many factors that will determine your individual treatment plan.

Pre-Operative Instructions For Patients Receiving Implants
Post-Operative Instructions For Patients Receiving Implants

Pre-Operative Instructions For Patients Receiving Implants

The following instructions will help you to prepare for your dental implant surgery.

  1. Time is set aside specifically to place your dental implants.  We have reserved enough time to insure that the operation proceeds smoothly so that the outcome will be successful.  If you feel you will have any problem keeping your appointment, please give us as much notice as possible so that we might utilize your time for another patient.
  2. Generally, patients are provided with three prescriptions prior to the surgical visit.  The first prescription is an antibiotic and it should be started 24 hours before the scheduled surgery.  The second prescription is an antibacterial mouth rinse.  This too should be started one week prior to the surgery.  The antibiotics are usually taken four times a day: once every 6 hours.  The rinse is used in the morning after brushing your teeth and at night before bed.  The third prescription is for any discomfort that you might have after the surgery.  Fill that prescription and have the medication available if you should need it.
  3. Please wear loose fitting clothing for the surgery.  You may eat before the surgery since there will be no general anesthetic, but only a light meal is indicated.  Stock up on some soft foods and liquids for the initial post-operative course.
  4. You will be given a chemical ice pack after the surgery.  That should be sufficient to get you home.  Once at home, make sure that you have enough ice and the means of making an ice pack to use throughout the first two post-operative days.
  5. You will have stitches in your mouth after the surgery.  Whether or not you can use your temporary prosthesis will be discussed with you prior to surgery.  If Dr. Ritota feels that it is best, for the success of the implant surgery, that you do not wear your temporary prosthesis, you are urged to comply.  Pressure from a temporary prosthesis on healing implants can cause movement and loss of integration and that would cause failure!
  6. Most people have very little pain following this type of surgery.  There is usually, however, some degree of swelling and black and blue.  The swelling can be controlled to a great degree by following the post-operative instructions faithfully.

All instruments, handpieces and materials used are heat sterilized in an autoclave for your protection!

Post-Operative Instructions For Patients Receiving Implants

It is important to follow the directions below during the first two weeks after the operation to insure adequate healing.

  1. Take your antibiotics and any other prescribed medications as directed and complete the course.  Failure to do so could lead to an infection or poor healing.
  2. Use ice packs over the surgical area for 20 minutes at a time during the first two days following the operation.  You may also fill your mouth with ice water until it warms up.  These two procedures will greatly reduce any swelling that you might have.
  3. Maintain a liquid diet for the first five days after the operation.  A soft diet can be maintained for the remainder of the first two weeks.  Alcohol and smoking retard healing significantly…Avoid alcohol and smoking!
  4. Use an elevated headrest or an extra pillow for the first two nights after the operation.
  5. If bleeding begins in the surgical area, apply gentle pressure by biting on a roll of gauze for one hour.  If the bleeding does not stop, please call the office immediately (561) 272-6664 where there will be a contact number available on our recording to reach one of the Drs. after hours.
  6. You may rinse your mouth out gently after the first post-operative day utilizing warm salt water.  Do not use any mouthwash other than what has been prescribed for this surgery.
  7. Do not do anything to irritate the surgical area or disturb the stitches.
  8. If you have any problems or any questions, please contact Dr. Ritota immediately! (561) 272-6664

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